iMotion is a 3D motion controller with haptic feedback.
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Intellect Motion
30 Hz
10-20 ms
0.08 (unit ?)
1-16 feet
640x480 @ 30 Hz camera
Release date
TBA March 2014
 Basic pack (1 iMotion) : $69
Action pack (2 iMotions) : $137
Family pach (4 iMotions) : $269



The iMotion controller has three LED lights to establish the body's position in 3D space. It determines the x, y and z coordinates as well as the angle of rotation and plane of elevation. iMotion houses a gyroscope and accelerometer to use it at any angle and achieve a very high level of accuracy for action games and applications.

The touch feedback technology built into iMotion uses bluetooth to send a signal to a haptic vibro-sensor in the actual controller. This allows the user to get instant feedback, and adds "feel" to the virtual screen in front of her. There are 5 unique feedback channels that can change intensity and duration to provide different levels of feedback to replicate the unique "feel" of an object, movement or incident in the virtual 3D space.


For PC/Mac/Linux, the iMotion simulates the mouse so users can access any application in motion control mode, without any integration.

Developers can integrate the developer's Unity component on PC, Mac or Linux to add haptic feedback to applications or games (users can still access it in pure motion control mode as well).


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