Zombies on the Holodeck is a noir-styled zombie game for the Oculus Rift and the Razer Hydra.
Project Holodeck
MS Windows
Razer Hydra
Release date
May 6, 2013
First person shooter Horror Zombie



Inside the game world you find yourself on the streets 1920s-themed Chicago, apparently at the epicenter of the zombie outbreak. Never ending waves of brain-hungry undead will come for you. It's your job to survive.


Holstered on your left and right legs are two pistols. On your left shoulder there's also a clip which you can grab and put into your pistol to reload. On the right shoulder you'll also find a flashlight to light up the darker areas of the map. All must be reached for and grabbed with the Hydra's trigger. Bumpers on either hand are used to shoot weapons.

In addition to the shotgun there's also a Thompson, and a sniper rifle which you actually have to hold up to your face to look through the scope.


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