XING: The Land Beyond is an upcoming first-person puzzle adventure game for the PC.
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White Lotus Interactive
Unreal Engine 4 (previously UDK)
DK1 MS Windows (demo)
Oculus Rift MS Windows (project)
Keyboard & mouse
Release date
ETA Spring 2016
First person Puzzle Adventure Fantasy



Your body may be gone, but your life has just begun. In death, you will find yourself on a journey across a series of mysterious islands. You will encounter perplexing puzzles, trapped souls, and the power to change the environment around you.

Spiritualism, mysticism and logic come together in the land of XING, where you will traverse mountains, deserts, forests, volcanoes and more.


XING is specifically designed to take advantage of a wide variety of control options, including mouse and keyboard, as well as gamepads. Players will be able to configure the controls of the game individually to their liking.

Oculus Rift support

It was announced in the Kickstarter update #2 [1] in February 2013 that the Oculus Rift would most likely be a stretch goal, which was then confirmed in update #3 [2] in March 2013 and was reached on March 31, 2013 as announced in update #17 [3].

In the same update some clarifications were added concerning Oculus Rift support. The developers explained that even if the game is designed for traditional displays, its immersive nature makes it suitable for the Rift and they are taking special care to support it correctly.

The developers ordered the Oculus Rift as soon as the stretch goal was hit [4], and they received it in July 1, 2013 [5], thanks to a backer who traded his already delivered Development Kit in exchange for their order number.

In the same announce they also talked in details about the initial support they implemented and then refined, they also posted some screenshots and a first impressions video. For the official release XING will have Oculus and non-Oculus user settings for movement speed, player height and FOV. They said that Oculus may enforce certain constraints that will lead to an overall better polished and uniform experience.


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