Virtual reality

Creating Virtual Reality Games: The Fundamentals by Sebastien Kuntz (i’m in VR) - May 23, 2013
Virtual Reality: Creating Immersion by Rick Dillon - August 30, 2012
Why VR is Hard (and where it might be going) by Michael Abrash - March 31, 2013
Three Fundamental Ways that Virtual Reality is Changing the Future of Game Design by James Iliff (Project Holodeck) - December 2, 2012
The Dream and the Rift by Robin Arnott (creator of Deep Sea and SoundSelf) - June 20, 2013
Lessons learned porting Team Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality by Joe Ludwig (Valve) - March 2013
What VR could, should, and almost certainly will be within two years by Michael Abrash - January 17, 2014
Grand challenges in virtual environments by Mel Slater (eventLAB) - May 27, 2014
8 Tips For Making Virtual Reality Viable by Mike Woods (Framestore) - June 20, 2014
Taking the VR plunge? Some tips from a multiplatform VR dev by Alex Wawro (nDreams) - February 9, 2015

Best practices

VR Design : Best Practices by vrboy (dSky) - July 31, 2015
Advice on making believable VR games from Sony’s Heist designer by John Foster (SCEE) - August 3, 2015 (GDC Europe 2015)
Lessons from the Frontlines: Modern VR Design Patterns by Chris Pruett (Oculus) - June 9, 2017


Sensor Fusion: Keeping It Simple by Steve LaValle (Oculus VR) - May 22, 2013
Help! My Cockpit Is Drifting Away by Steve LaValle (Oculus VR) - December 20, 2013
Interactive course on Extended Kalman Filter and Simultaneous Localization And Mapping by Joan Solà (PhD in robotics) - April 20, 2010
Modeling the human spine for VR Avatar representation & animation by dSky VR.Engine - August 14, 2015


Exploring Input Lag Inside and Out by Derek Wilson (Senior CPU & Graphics Editor at AnandTech) - July 16, 2009
Latency – the sine qua non of AR and VR by Michael Abrash - December 29, 2012
How fast does “virtual reality” have to be to look like “actual reality”? by Kyle Orland (Senior Gaming Editor at Ars Technica) - January 3, 2013
Understand the Speed of Light of Game Input Latency by Timothy Lottes - January 2013 by John Carmack - February 22, 2013
es_core: an experimental framework for low latency, high fps multiplayer games. by Timothée Besset (former id Software's Linux guy) - May 11, 2013
Modern Racing the Beam is a Great Idea by Timothy Lottes - August 28, 2013
Oculus Rift latency won't be an issue at launch, says developer at Gamespot - September 3, 2013
Measuring Input Latency at RenderingPipeline - September 26, 2013
DK2 and Latency Mitigation by Cass Everitt (Oculus VR) - July 10, 2014


The Trouble with Immersion, or the Opening of Metro: Last Light by Adrian Chmielarz
A Sense of Scale in VR by Alexander Kondratskiy - October 6, 2013
11 Quick Oculus Rift Development Tips for Architectural Visualization by ARCH Virtual - October 7, 2013


What is Presence in Immersive Augmented Reality? by William Steptoe (University College London) - July 15, 2014


Why virtual isn’t real to your brain by Michael Abrash
Why virtual isn’t real to your brain: judder by Michael Abrash
Down the VR rabbit hole: Fixing judder by Michael Abrash - July 26, 2013
Scanning Backlight FAQ by Mark Rejhon


When it comes to resolution, it’s all relative by Michael Abrash
Notes on the Resolution and Other Details of the Human Eye by Roger N. Clark - November 25, 2009


Head over heels: Upper body movement in gameplay by Simon Unger (IO Interactive lead animator)


Good stereo vs. bad stereo by Oliver Kreylos - August 29, 2012
Some Preliminary VR Metrics by Boon Cotter - July 4, 2013
How to Measure Your IPD by Oliver Kreylos - April 9, 2014

Simulator sickness

Can your eyes make you sick?: Investigating the Relationship between the Vestibulo-ocular Reflex and Virtual Reality by Mark H. Draper (HITLab) - April 29, 1996
Are You Sick of Games? by Jeff Solomon (loonygames) - 1998
VR Sickness, The Rift, and How Game Developers Can Help by Tom Forsyth (Software Architect at Oculus VR) - July 12, 2013
Cybersickness effects :
How to make players sick in your virtual reality game at Joystiq - August 30, 2013
On Motion Sickness and the Handling of 2D UI Elements in Virtual Reality Environments by Isla Schanuel - December 12, 2013
Fighting Motion Sickness due to Explicit Viewpoint Rotation by Oliver Kreylos - April 4, 2014
Simulation Sickness and VR - What is it, and what can developers and players do to reduce it? by Ben Lewis-Evans - April 4, 2014


The Latent Power of Prediction by Steve LaValle (Oculus VR) - July 12, 2013


Understanding the Oculus Rift Distortion Shader :
Reducing stretch in high-FOV games using barrel distortion :


Related to Filtering for VR by Timothy Lottes - March 28, 2014


VR And Multi-GPU : by Nathan Reed (NVIDIA) - April 3, 2014
Advanced VR Rendering by Alex Vlachos (Valve) - GDC 2015


Using basic statistical analysis to discover whether or not the Oculus Rift headset is being worn by Alex Benton (Oculus Rift in Action - August 22, 2014

Time warping

Optimizing VR Graphics with Late Latching by Atman Binstock (Oculus VR) - March 2, 2015
Asynchronous Timewarp Examined by Michael Antonov (Oculus VR) - March 3, 2015


More than a cool illusion? Functional significance of self-motion illusion (circular vection) for perspective switches Bernhard E. Riecke et al - August 10, 2015


Animating for VR sucks, and I couldn't be more excited by Dormant Games - January 18, 2016


Virtual Reality

Oculus VR Best Practices Guide by Oculus VR - January 2014 (latest version and up-to-date information)


Priority Rendering with a Virtual Reality Address Recalculation Pipeline
New method to measure end-to-end delay of virtual reality by Massimiliano Di Luca
Scene-Motion- and Latency-Perception Thresholds for Head-Mounted Displays by Jason J. Jerald - 2009


Understanding Predictive Tracking and Motion Estimation Algorithms in Virtual Environments

Simulator sickness

Motion Sickness publications at HITLab
The Adaptive Effects Of Virtual Interfaces: Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex and Simulator Sickness by Mark Heider Draper
(HITLab) - 1998
Appropriate Use of Virtual Environments to Minimise Motion Sickness by Willem Bles & Alexander H. Wertheim - March 1, 2001
The effects of simulated fog and motion on simulator sickness in a driving simulator and the duration of after-effects by Dziuda et al. - 2013

Motion simulation

How to cheat in motion simulation – comparing the engineering and fun ride approach to motion cueing by Markus von der Heyde & Bernhard E. Riecke (Max-Planck-Institut) - December 2001


Improved Pre-Warping for Wide Angle, Head Mounted Displays and Intel Claims It Can improve Image Quality for HMDs – Daniel Pohl Tells Us How by Daniel Pohl (Intel) - September 3, 2013


Stereoscopic 3D using Reprojection by Marries van de Hoef & Bas Zalmstra (Utrecht University) - May 5, 2011


Automated Calibration of Display Characteristics (ACDC) for Head-Mounted Displays and Arbitrary Surfaces by J. Adam Jones (University of Southern California), Lauren Cairco Dukes (Clemson University), Mark Bolas (University of Southern California) - 2014

Interpupillary distance (IPD)

Variation and extrema of human interpupillary distance by Neil A. Dodgson (University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory) - January 19, 2004



Ambilight clone for FOV extension.

Dual displays

Setting up the Rift for DualDisplay and best image quality


VR and 3rd Person: An Unexpected World of Possibilities?
Oculus Rift Support in 3rd-Person
Mars Tank Demo - 3rd Person Test
3rd person game and Oculus Rift


Rift and V-Sync
how to get vsync on RIFT, not monitor??? :
Question about VSYNC not reliably working :


When there's no need to render twice :
on "rectilinear renderings" in game engines and what can be :
Bump mapping :


Oculus Rift automatic down-sampling and Duplicated displays
AA vs downscaling from higher resolutions


Bicubic Warp Reconstruction

Simulator sickness

Getting you VR legs at MTBS3D forums
Questions about Oculus and Motion sickness. at reddit
I tried the rift for the first time today, and I have a question... at reddit
Disturbing Nausea Association at the Oculus Developer Forums
Designing around motion sickness at the Oculus Developer Forums
Best Practice Rift Motion Sickness Guideline at the Oculus Developer Forums
Best games/demos to ease into the Rift and earn your "V-Legs" :
VR Discussions - P1 First Step in VR :
Constant dizziness for the past few days - A little concern :
The sickness... :
Question For Motion Sickness Sufferers :
First Person Locomotion UNITY


More Tools for Great VR about the Oculus Latency Tester
Building a Sensor for Low Latency VR
John-Carmack's Latency Mitigation Strategies
Measuring Responsiveness in Video Games
Oculus Rift automatic down-sampling and Duplicated displays :
Rift latency :
Perfect prediction, Rift improvement idea :
Idea - How to get fast head tracking with any frame rate :
Latency :
reducing latency :

Positional tracking

If you haven't tried positional tracking yet - do. :
Crystal Cove sim :
positional tracking solution :

Full body tracking

Full Body Movement with Razer Hydra and Unity :

Motion blur

Slow pixel switching time observed on Rift under 240 FPS camera at reddit
Home-made Arduino scanning LED backlight to simulate 480Hz or 960Hz in a 120Hz LCD? at
Zero motion blur LCD!!! (nVidia LightBoost hack, looks like CRT, looks like 480Hz) at
Motion Blur Reduction Backlights at TFTCentral
Home-made Arduino scanning LED backlight to simulate 480Hz or 960Hz in a 120Hz LCD? at HardForum

Black screen

OculusUnityDemoScene.exe black screen :

Interpupillary distance (IPD)

If you haven't measured your IPD yet, do this now! at reddit
Measure your pupil distance online using our online PD tool
Digital pupilometer Optical PD meter DPM-10 :
New Optical Digital PD Ruler Pupilometer Interpupillary Distance Scale NJC-12 :
IPD Measuring Website :
A Simple IPD MM Tool for Group Demos :


Cleaning the Rift :
Dead Pixels on your Oculus Rift? A quick fix. :


How are you dealing with your cables? :


Rift need more eyebrow and cheekbones friendly design :
Rifted Ear: User error, or redesign opportunity? :
Please make the rift more suitable for large heads :

Wanted features

Unsexy but helpful Rift Features :

Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation

Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation prototype device :
Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation :
Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation :

Body awareness

Realistic Rhino- Rendering :

Gamma correction
LOWER THAT GAMMA CURVE: Surprising added realism for free :) :


Accessibility in VR :


Calibration fails in SDK 2.5 :
Calibrate your DK1 and enjoy better visual quality :
Calibration DK1 and HD to sRGB - very improved viewing experience! :
Do we get to know the color gamut of the display? :


Wireless Rift using Steam In-Home Streaming Guide :

Prescription lenses

Oculus Rift and prescription lenses :

Close objects

Focusing to infinity and nearby objects :


Simple experiments with gamepad controls and VR :
I found previous research on control schemes for navigation :
A different approach for 1st person controls in VR (demo) :
Third Person Platformer Controls Best Practices :

Chromatic aberration

Chromatic Aberration Issues Download

Gaze detection


VR Locomotion: "Ludicrous Speed" :
Introducing Limbo, a VR camera movement technique by the developers of Colosse :
An Investigation into programming techniques to reduce simulation sickness while using the Oculus Rift :