The Battle Of Endor is a simulation of the Battle of Endor from the movie Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

Note: set Graphics quality to Beautiful to get rid of judder.
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James Clement
MS Windows
Keyboard & mouse
First release
August 12, 2014
Release date
February 23, 2016
1.4 (Runtime 0.8)
Space Movie environment Star Wars



Fight off TIE fighters, destroy turrets and shield generators on Star Destroyers, and wait for objectives from Lando.

The radar screen shows yellow dots representing objective locations. When Lando says to engage the Star Destroyers, you need to blow up the 2 shield generators on the Star Destroyer (the one flanked by two rebel ships), after which Admiral Ackbar will tell you the shield is down.

Follow the yellow objective point past the Super Star Destroyer (you can take out it's shields and turrets too) to the entrance to the shaft leading to the reactor.

Avoid the obstacles, get to the reactor, and blow up the regulator on the right-hand side of the core.

  • Your guns will lead and auto-target any TIE fighter inside the green reticle, so just get him in there and hold the trigger.
  • The two strings of green lights below the HUD represent hull damage; all red... you're dead.
  • The radar screen will flash red and Artoo will trill a proximity warning when you are getting too close to an obstacle.


Gamepad :
  • Left Stick :
    • Left / Right : yaw
    • Up / Down : pitch
  • Right Stick
    • Left / Right : roll
    • Up / Down : pitch (both sticks will double the pitch speed)
  • Left Trigger / Shoulder : increase/decrease throttle
  • Right Trigger / Shoulder : fire quad cannon / nothing (eventually proton torpedoes)
  • Start : pause menu
  • Back : recenter view
  • Y : toggle S-foils (close them for more speed, but you can't shoot)
  • B : skip text crawl intro

Menu :
  • D-Pad : navigation
  • A : menu item selection
  • B : back out of submenu

Keyboard :
  • Arrow keys : yaw / pitch
  • W / S : throttle up / down
  • A / D : roll left / right
  • F : S-Foils
  • Left Shift : lasers
  • Tab : menu
  • R : reset Oculus view
  • O : toggle Oculus mode
  • B : skip intro
  • Esc : quit

Menu :
  • W / S : scroll up/down
  • Enter : select
  • B : page back

Mouse :
  • Movement : yaw/pitch
  • Left Mouse Button : lasers


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