Quake is a first person shooter released by id Software in 1996 where players must find their way out of various maze-like, medieval environments while battling a variety of monsters using a wide array of guns.
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Dominic Szablewski
Quake engine
MS Windows
Keyboard & mouse
Release date
July 5, 2013
First person shooter
Single-player, multiplayer



Players explore and navigate to the exit of each level, facing many challenging monsters and some secret areas along the way. Usually there are buttons to press or keys to collect in order to open doors before the exit can be reached. Once reaching the exit, the game takes the player to the next level.


John Marshall released a mod [1] to decouple the head from the aiming and he also added a 3D laser sight to replace the crosshair.

Launch instructions


Created an autoexec.cfg file in the id1 directory with this content :
r_oculusrift 1
r_oculusrift_supersample "2"
vid_fullscreen_width "1280"
vid_fullscreen_height "800"
vid_fullscreen "1"
vid_vsync "1"

Then launch the game with this command :
./quakespasm -fullscreen -width 1280 -height 800



OS compatibility

Patch needed for OS X compatibility :


Download this Makefile that adds Linux compatibility for the Oculus Rift : http://lickwid.net/~tlp/Makefile.quakespasm

Overwrite the Makefile with this one in the Quakespasm-Rift/Quake directory.

Search for /path/to/ in the Makefile and replace /path/to/ with the directory where you've unziped the OculusSDK.
Example : CXXFLAGS += -I"/home/john/OculusSDK/LibOVR/Include/"

Note : search for -lX11 and add -lphtread after it if using Debian/unstable, else you'll get a pthread error

Copy the Oculus SDK library file to your /usr/local/lib as root :
64 bits : sudo cp /path/to/OculusSDK/LibOVR/Lib/Linux/Release/x86_64/libovr.a /usr/local/lib
32 bits : sudo cp /path/to/OculusSDK/LibOVR/Lib/Linux/Release/i386//libovr.a /usr/local/lib

Compile the game :
cd Quakespasm-Rift/Quake

If all goes well, create a directory for the Shareware data :
mkdir id1

Download the Windows or OS X version, decompress it and copy the quakespasm-rift-win/id1/pak0.pak file to this directory.

Note : you can also still buy the game at id Software or on Steam

Run the game and select 1280x800 in the settings

Note : with the NVIDIA binary driver the two displays need to be cloned instead of extended, else only the 800x600 and 2560x800 resolutions are available

Open the console (~ key or ESC when on the menu screen) and type r_oculusrift 1 to activate the Oculus Rift mode.

Play Quake on the Oculus Rift. :)

Note: you can use the r_oculusrift_supersample to enhance the rendering by specifying a multiplier for the rendering resolution (default : 2).

In the media

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  1. ^ Quake Rift Aim Mod

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