Stereo Cameras on the Rift (DK1) :

3D sensor

Structure Sensor

Head tracking

3D-printed optical tracking marker kit :
Absolute positioning with Oculus Rift development kit :

Eye tracking

Eye Tracking And Oculus Rift :
An Eye-tracked Oculus Rift :

Hand tracking

Aughanded Virtuality


Easy and cheap rift hack to decrease or eliminate fogging :


Hacking the Oculus Rift :
Hacking the Oculus Rift: the Oculight :
Lightpack - This NEEDS to be in a future Rift :) :

Colour profile

A colour profile for the Rift :


Facemask for Oculus Rift :


Adding a Web Camera to the Oculus Rift Can be Quite Helpful :
Need advice on my DIY FPV HMD project :
Remote control VR :
Telepresence / Rotating Stereoscopic Camera (3D FPV) :
Using the rift with an RCA signal :
Oculus Rift the next big thing in the world of FPV goggles :
FPV (remote control planes) and the Oculus Rift :
Tutorial: Low cost FPV setup for the rift (130ms latency) :
Parror AR Drone flown FPV with Oculus Rift :
Oculus FPV First Flight - from Intuitive Aerial :
FPV drones with an Oculus Rift :

HDMI/DVI splitter

Machine / Dual monitor setup.
HDMI vs DVI splitter?
Re: Multiple Monitors


Increasing the Rifts physical IPD - A weekend mod :
DIY Guide: How to Increase the Oculus Rift Physical IPD :
Preview: VR-Gear IPD Adjuster for Oculus Rift :
A ruthless way to fit your IPD :


Increase FOV and eye relief with 2" diameter lenses [IMAGES] :
Increase FOV and eye relief with 2" diameter lenses [IMAGES] :
Rift custom lens cups experiment :
Custom Oculus Rift Eyecups :
Unofficial Eye Cup Mods :
Lens Separation Mod (IPD) with Instructions
Rift Lens Mod - 5x Loupe holders :
Prescription lenses mod :


Unofficial Sensor Mount Mod :
Attach more things to your head with Oculus Rift sensor, camera clips :
3D Printing sensor mounts for the Oculus Rift :

Refresh rate

Overclocking the Oculus Rift :
Testing 75Hz :

Screen door effect

Dealing with the screen door effect :
I have cracked the screen door effect! :
3M privacy screen mod to reduce the screen door effect :


Oculus Rift Teardown :
Oculus Rift Teardown Reveals Good Modding Potential, High Repairability :
The "Foculus Rift" part 2: Reverse engineering the motion tracker :

USB powering

Oculus Rift USB Power Hack :
Powering the Oculus Rift with USB :
Oculus Rift USB Power Hack Eliminates Need for a Wall Adapter :
Want a USB Powered Rift? Just grab this cable from Newegg! :
How to mod your Oculus Rift for USB power without soldering :
USB 2.0 A female to USB A male + 5.5x2.1 DC power plug (1 meter /3 feet) (£1.79) :


#VGA2HDMI converter for #OculusRift :


Wireless Rift DIY Guide :
Wireless Video/Tracking Link options :
Wireless Rift - Yes another one. :
Wireless Oculus Rift Experiment :
WIRELESS OCULUS RIFT <100$ (Video up!) :
Wireless Oculus Rift :
Easy Wireless Rift Kit for less than $50 :

LG AN-WL100W ($34.64) :


iPhone Virtual Reality

Display upgrade


Pop on/off