The Oculus Latency Tester is an accessory for the Oculus Rift that quickly and precisely measures motion-to-photons latency.
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September 25, 2013 (preorder)



The Oculus Latency Tester is inserted into the left eyecup slot of the development kit after the actual eyecup has been removed. A small button on the top of the device is used to trigger the measurement.

When the button is pressed, the device sends a message out over USB. This message is received by the SDK, which directs the game engine to composite a colored square on the current frame. A color sensor in the Latency Tester, positioned just above the screen, constantly samples the area where the square will be displayed, waiting for it to be drawn.

As the colored square scans onto the LCD, this sensor watches for the light level to pass a visual threshold. When that threshold is reached, the Latency Tester reports the total elapsed time back to the computer (and for the production version, on its own 7-segment display), providing an accurate measurement of latency.

It can also be started by sending the Latency Tester a message from software rather than using a button press.



The Latency Tester software framework is an official part of the Oculus SDK.




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