Ancient cameras

The Stanford Multi-Camera Array (2004)

external image tiled-side-view-cessh.jpg

Dense Camera Array (2004)

external image hs52_setup.jpg

Adobe LightField Camera (2007)

external image adobe-light-field-camera-magic-lens-2.jpg.jpg

EPFL 360° panoptic camera (2009)

external image 18miuaompl6a9jpg.jpg

18x7 fisheye cylindrical/spherical camera array

external image otoy-presentation-2015-nvidia-gpu-technology-conference-march-17-2015-4-638.jpg?cb=1426680950

Recent cameras

Lytro Immerge (concept)

external image Lytro_Immerge-light-field-camera-vr.jpg

Lytro Cinema

external image lytro-cinema-1.jpg

Lytro Immerge

external image 1-1-1021x580.jpg

Lytro Immerge 2.0

external image lytro-immerge-2.0-2-5-1021x580.jpg

OTOY’s light field rig

external image OTOY-rig1.jpg

Technicolor 4x4 camera

external image light-field-dataset_620x350.jpg

Facebook Surround 360 X-24

external image facbook-surround-x24-x6-uploadvr.jpg

Fraunhofer experimental light field imaging device

external image TVT_201611_Final-72.jpg


Experimenting with Light Fields

external image IMG_0804.max-1000x1000.jpg