Hydra Cover Shooter is a physically based virtual reality FPS.
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Teddy Lipowitz
MS Windows
Razer Hydra
First release
July 21, 2013
Release date
September 24, 2013
First person shooter



The enemies are robots with plasma rifles who lay down some serious suppressing fire. To survive, you'll need to pop up from behind cover and take your shots, or blind fire around corners and hope to hit them.

Note: be careful when playing this demo, lots of people try to support themselves on the crates when they try to stand up or when leaning up against a column, but find there is nothing there!


It's using the control scheme from the author's HydraDeck demo. It has position tracking for the body (via a Hydra attached to the chest) which allows to take cover behind columns and duck behind boxes to avoid the incoming enemy fire.


As mentioned in the video the author released the UDK level assets and editor, so anyone can build some of their own levels. He also released the source code to let people implement something similar in UDK.

Version 1.0 has been updated to the new September 2013 UDK with working yaw drift calibration, reading in IPD settings from Oculus Config util, etc.


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External links

Download Windows version
Download UDK level assets and editor (version 0.3)
Download source code
Download Unity scripts